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A is for ARSON B is for BARSON C is for commit ARSON


All Clear, No Boss Code, Best Ending :sunglasses: 

I really like all the ways this touches on cute textures from touhou but in a uniquely sylvie way... the danmaku of course, the unique spin on resource management, even the (very good and funny) lyrics remind me of touhou dialogue. Had a good time puzzling this one out!

I Enjoy :)

what happens / what do i do when the fairy starts singing? 


if your fire's strong enough you can push away most projectiles

or the archetypical answer: git gud






This is amazing you deserver hard cold cash


always love your games, theyre consistently well put together !!


I actually love the song here!


so true

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"I'm not sure I can engage very much with this lyric, i think it's just not being sung that well"

>lyrics sync with game



all this was more exciting than maybe it should have been but thankyou


I am not very skilled at singing but I do it anyways because it's fun to do.

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well I mean congrats since despite that you able to convey the fun

um and not to give any feeling about the singing it's yes more nuanced, I guess this is misc language issue oops


also I happened to see you say about noticing your game making as exponential and wanted to confirm it's true at least because inspiring people


I think maybe you're talking about a
tweet I made where I said that I released ~40 games from 2004 to 2017, and ~80 games from 2018 to the present.

This is true. Only a few of my games are on Itchio. I have a spreadsheet of basically all my game releases: Sylvie Spreadsheet

There are 121 games on it at the time of writing. Game 41 (Cute Witchy House) was released in 2017, and all games after were released in 2018 or later.

Of course many of the games are tiny and silly (even more than this game) but I still definitely became much more productive with game development in the last few years.



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Every time I get hyped for a Sylvie game I remember that I am not Superstar at games but that the struggle is more important than the victory. That said, what do the upvotes do? edit: i am superstar at games now


bigger fire I think


My favorite pastime  activity