A downloadable beaceful

She seems to be feeling so beaceful this afternoon.

Beaceful World is a rom hack of a world known as Cruel World by droqen (https://droqen.itch.io/cruel-world). It is made by Sylvie.

  • All nodes are public, creating a nice time for all.
  • Play as Sylvie.
  • Two secret areas were added, which are pieced together with unused content extracted from the original world.
  • A mysterious character seems to have left three hidden notes in the world that may guide to you to the secrets, or they might just be a jester's trick.
  • Separate save file from the normal-world.

Will you enter this world so beaceful that it shouldn't exist?

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars

Install instructions

You need a copy of Version 6 of the original Cruel World to play this. It's probably impossible to find one now. Maybe I should just release a pre-patched version, but I don't know if anyone cares...

The rom hack is distributed as an IPS patch file. Obtain Version 6 of Cruel World somehow. Then use your web browser to find an IPS patching program. Use the patching program to apply the IPS patch to the file "Cruel World.pck".

This process has only been tested on Windows, but it's possible it will work with the Mac/Linux versions as well.


Beaceful World (IPS patch) 1 MB

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