These Out Of Control Booty Shaking Kittens Are Ruining My Castlevania™!

Your Dracula, Queen of Vampires. After 100 years you have finally awakened.... only to discover that some Out of Control, Booty Shaking kittens have infested your Castlevania™ and are messing around with all the powerup items! They are so cute and curious kittens, but unfortunately it looks like you will have go around to catch them all before a vampire hunter arrives.


There is no save feature in the game. End the tyranny of making game developers implement save features!

This was made for the 2020 GMTK Jam. The on-time jam version was submitted 37 seconds before the jam deadline and was not tested. It contains several mistakes and is very hard to beat (it's only even possible because of an exploit someone found). It also has no music to enjoy. If you want to play the on-time version, it is highly recommended that you listen to this song while you play:


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Post-Jam Version (Windows) 4 MB
On-Time Jam Submission (Windows) 2 MB


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this is possibly my favourite yet amoung your Games. i greatly enjoyed being a Dracula and delighted in the mischief of Kittens.


Very fun game. I loved feeling like a Dracula, and using all of my powers. The kittens were very satisfying when I defeated their tactics.


This is a Good Game, and it has given me courage.


loved this , wish there was musics

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wow, this is a really good Castlevania™!

this room though 

total beans