Control with arrowkeys.

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TagsCats, Cute, Difficult, fuck, hell, impossible, kitten, masochism, masocore, weird


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Sorry for posting this on your website but I don't know how to PM you on and I didn't want everyone on my website to know this because it's a big secret consisting of multiple rooms.  You can delete this post after reading it if it bothers you.

You found everything else but most likely you didn't find this (correct me if I'm wrong).

I give you a little hint:

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Thank you for telling me about this amazing secret! I don't think I ever would have found it.

I watched the ending again with spinning Bobo.

If you want to delete this now that I've seen the secret, you can. Otherwise I will leave it here so other people can learn about it if they happen to look at this page :)

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Oh then you made it all the way through without any gamefreezes (this part of the game can be a bit  glitchy sometimes  ).

Okay I just didn't want to SPAM your commentsection :)


Cute and hard little arcade platformer. It's fun to bounce through this game like a pinball.


Hi Sylvie! I was able to get all (30) Sylvie stars in about 4 hours over 3 days!

I had a lot of fun trying to figure out where the bubbles were scattered all over the map and building my route. It was great!


Oh wow! I wondered if someone would ever get all the stars. Really great job :)


Nearly finished into a set up for making a map here. Feels like the space could really have culture like finding the ways to smile.  It would put into an uncareful culture of making maps though, which in turn gives feeling to map so yea the experience of map.