This is a game about a cat named Snake. I wanted to share how wonderful he is with everyone. Depending on what you want to do, the game might be difficult at times, but hopefully it's fun just to move around.

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TagsCats, Cute, double-jump, fluffy, kitten, kitty, meow, snake, soft, sweet

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i am literally crying rn

One year deathaversiery.

Does this game can work on Android? I want to try this game.

Cute tribute with a dedicated meow button I especially liked level 3

The theme song you chose is very emotional and fitting.

I would have liked to see more levels and photos of Snake. He seems like a cool cat, I'm sure we would have been best friends. My heart goes out to every cat owner who has to go through such a difficult situation.

I hope this is interesting instead of just offtopic and I apologize in advance, but in Bobo The Cat there was originally a snake too. As an Easteregg under a cardboard box before the first stealth section. I guess you get the joke. I deleted it though so as not to distract the players. 

Thank you! I wonder how many levels you found. There are 27 in total. That's still a fairly small number, but I think some people don't realize there are that many levels because of how the game is structured. I have a lot of lovely Snake pictures so maybe someday I can share more pictures with the world.

Sorry my bad. I had found around 15 levels. I didn't think there would be 27. Somehow I had the impression that I could no longer reach new levels, no matter which exitflag I took and I was too proud to activate the easy mode. Have now tried it again with infinite jumps and after a while I found a few more rooms.

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A very sweet game... a great piece of work that makes me feel sweet memories

At first, you are given very little information about what is going on in the game other than the basic controls, but the feeling of solving the game's various mysteries on your own is indescribably pleasurable and a lot of fun.

The memories of Snake are etched in my mind!

this is the cat simulator of all time

a curious memory.

it hurt my hands to play, but snake seemed delightful.

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sharing my savefile's (blurry) spaghetti map   -

now after the movement puzzles it feels like the house's order is set up. cat symmetry, wonder about the pictures incorporation to some dreamy map. real bleeding edge game of a memory



I love you snake 💗


I'm bad at platformers, but I still really enjoyed this!!


Snake seems like a lovely cat.


Lovely tribute! I just barely couldn't get past the third screen, so I decided to return to the title page to input the infinite jump code and see what I missed. Through doing this, I learned something about the game that let me beat the third screen without infinite jumps. I think that's amazing and wanted to share it.


RIP Snake <3 very fun game!


Meow piano. Exciting!