One day, Sylvie received a strange letter in the mail. The contents were as follows.

Warning: Your life is in danger.

By reading this letter, you have become a participant in the #ChainLetterJam.

Now that you have seen this letter, you must make a one minute long game within two weeks inspired by the following game:

If you don't make the game a ghost will haunt you.

When you are finished, you must forward a version of this letter to at least two people, or you will receive an unknown curse from a set of 1,001 different possible ancient curses.

It is also recommended you post the game you made on with a link to the previous game in the chain or else you'll be forever unlucky when it comes to matters of love.

Sylvie did not want any of those bad things to happen, so she created the game you see above, and forwarded the letter to three others, even though it only said at least two, because she thought three would give her additional protection from curses and hexes.

What will happen now?

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