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What's goin' on this time
I've become a little green Sylvie Lime
What's got you movin' so fine
Dancing to the rhythm of a Sylvie Lime

Sylvie Lime is a new exploration adventure platformer with absurd game mechanics, a funny and cute world, and a girls' love story told in secret rooms.

The club members will be graduating soon, and they poured their hearts into this work. What feelings and regrets may linger within?

Video and Music


Sylvie Lime was produced by Sylvie and Aria of Love ♥ Game!


  • Hubol Persson-Gordon
  • Izzy Kestrel
  • John Thyer
  • JohnLee Cooper (Erg)
  • Runa Liore Winters

Special Thanks To Indiepocalypse

Sylvie Lime was commissioned by Indiepocalypse. It was exclusively available through Indiepocalypse for the first month of its release. Sylvie Lime is now freeware, but I still encourage you to purchase Indiepocalypse #34 for $15 to get 9 other games and support small developers!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withAseprite, GameMaker
TagsCute, Difficult, Exploration, Female Protagonist, Funny, LGBT, lime, Romance, sylvie
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Development log


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This is a really beautiful game. It's so heartfelt and sweet and I fell in love with the characters and story. I'm at a time in my life right now where I really needed some comfort and this gave it to me. Thank you, Sylvie.


True Lime Gaming!!! What an amazing time


Just finished the game. Absolutely beautiful and heartfelt, with AMAZING controls (that you can tweak to your liking in the options!) and really cool mechanics. Sylvie, in terms of game development, you're my role model. Thank you for Cat Planet, for Jiggly Zone, for Clockwork Calamity, for Sylvie Lime, and for everything else in between.

Played through and got the True Lime End today. What a lovely game! Fun and charming, with adorable characters and a sweet story! Thank you for making this wonderful game! ^^

there's several unique magical qualities that I often get in Sylvie and Aria games.… there's satisfying finicky platform gameplay that rewards experimentation and learning and feels very difficult without being cruel or condescending, there's an earnest romantic cuteness and careful characterization of the way people experience emotions, and there's an occasional sudden stark shift into seriousness that makes me think about the game in a whole new way.

I got to experience one of these kinds of magic throughout all of Sylvie Lime and it was great. Another of the kinds of magic showed up some way in and I was impressed with how well-developed and considered it was. There were hints of the third kind of Sylvie Magic, but by the end I wasn't expecting to get a big moment of it (which was fine because the game would still have been really good without it). But then at the very very end I got that one too and I was sort of floored.

anyway wow, what a Sylvie Game. as promised in the song, Sylvie really did become a little green Sylvie Lime.


I absolutely adore the way this game constantly opens up and blossoms across itself, both from acquiring new abilities and from progressively learning how to better utilize prior ones.  The feeling of some type of movement clicking and becoming a part of a fluid repertoire is so good and so frequent.

Also the art/writing/music is all very cute and all of the individual components are so well-suited to each other.

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Was absolutely delighted by this the whole time, extremely glad I returned to it. The movement and exploring is super-delightful and fun throughout. The meta-story is really sweet and cute and nice.

I was overly intimidated starting out based on experiences I've had with other retro-style map-less explore-y games like this. At its core Sylvie Lime is really considered and kind -- once I started making my own map everything snapped together in a flash. Just trust the artists you're conversing with, and you'll have a nice time. Thanks for making this sylvie and aria <3


I love this game. Just completed the true ending.

L: Love using items in creative ways to overcome obstacles. It's really unique and memorable, I want to make games like this. Unrelated to that, I dislike the fake  walls, though I understand their purpose.

R: Nice audio work. The main Sylvie Lime theme is really going to stick with me.

T: Cute art and characters!

C: The characters, dialogue, and setting are endearing to me. Lots of touching moments, and hilarious moments! Heartfelt and special. It's also interesting seeing the items and the game through each character's eyes. And the design conflict between S and L is great food for thought for me, I'll be thinking on that.

S: Thanks for making this game happen! :)

this game is incredible. so many moments of revelation and wonder driven by exploration. thank you!

wow, thank you Cache


>Became a lime

>Met some cute game developers

>Had a great time

>Became a lime harder

Great game!


thank you so much for this incredible game, I wanna make more games with my friends now!


after finishing the true ending, I have to say: this is a Top Notch Video Game!!! love everything: the confident fiddly controls, the weird item mechanics, the cute girls, the meta-commentary about the role of mystery in game design, the soundtrack, the boss fights... it inspires me to make more videogames of my own! thank you sylvie, I never knew being a lime was so freeing!!


What an incredible game! I'm so glad I stuck with it and went all the way to the true ending. I'll be thinking about this one for a long time. <3


just got the true lime ending, it is a good video game


I don`t really have much time to play videogames at the moment but this game looked so promising that I had to try it. Mastering the controls and learning new awesome abilitys feels so satisfying in Sylvie Lime and the checkpoin-system is one of the best I ever saw. I only had time to play 30 minutes but I couldn`t stop, so I played for more than 90 minutes and I would have loved to play even longer if there was enought time.


what will you do if someone actually buys this at this price lmao

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Normally I wouldn't email someone who bought one of my games on Itch but I might have to in that case....

(Edit: The above comment no longer makes sense now that the game is free. For context, before the Indiepocalypse exclusivity period ended, I wanted to give out a limited number of free copies of the game, but you can only do that if the game is downloadable. So I made the game downloadable, but set the price to $999.99 so nobody would buy it!)


expensive, but expansive.


Incredible game! I got true ending in a few hours, and I couldn't be happier with it. Everyone buy and play this game.

I was excited for the next big sylvie game after Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World, and I wasn't disappointed at all. The bouncy platforming and great soundtrack make a return, but the whole game feels slightly more refined, with a stronger sense of style and cohesion.

I kept on being surprised by the amount of story in the game (and the general strength/depth of it)- the characters were all well-written and fun to interact with, and the sheer amount of dialogue they had (every character x every item) surprised me and had me coming back to the terminals multiple times. I loved the meta aspect of a story reflecting on the design of the game that the story itself resides within- it made what the characters had to say about everything a lot more interesting, since i was already invested in the design of the game

I ended up having to look up some Gameplay footage to figure out the jungle labyrinth section (i was too impatient- thanks to Personman Gaming / jseakle), but besides that the world design really walked the perfect balance of opaque and clear- I felt like i was constantly being challenged to unravel more secrets from the game, but it also felt like it took just the right amount of prodding to figure things out. The idiosyncratic design made the game feel unique and different and frustrating in ways that kept me engaged, but the design of the items was so fluid, open-ended, and intuitive that trying different things felt fun rather than tedious.

TL;DR:  fun, strange, wonderful. Buy it.


I played this game and got a 100% completion in one sitting in four and a half hours. You can watch it here (no talking or anything). It immediately became one of my favorite platformers of all time. It has a wide variety of Sylvie's trademark creatively bizarre movement options, which combine in many extremely pleasing and surprising ways, AND it has a lovely story that's more fully developed than in any prior Sylvie game. Please purchase and play Sylvie Lime.

Thanks for uploading your playthrough, it was helpful in getting me un-stuck in one or two places.

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I'm having a wonderful time with this game. I think I cleared it (got the true lime end) but I want to go back and re-fight the two bosses I had to turn the difficulty down for. also there was an extra(?) boss by that killed me and when I respawned I couldn't figure out how to trigger it again so definitely need to replay to figure out what that was.

I feel like I found some sort of forbidden mouse tech to avoid spikes but some spikes' placements seem to intentionally block this from letting you skip something so I'm not sure if it's actually all that forbidden

just launched this, the main theme is a banger

Just beaten "Servant T", this is very cool so far

ok I think I've reached the ending (an ending?) overall really cool, great credits soundtrack :)

Thank you! There is more to discover in the game if you want to play a little more. (When you reach the "true ending" it should be clear)

am trying a pacing score system for it where the methods of platforming each jump can get the staleness, and you try to be all stylish à la that but not so much that you forget things. helps if trying things out is too open, and wow yes open to pure joy..

formalities if still tiering or confusing are to decide a particular medium out of your moves to try and express the jumps with. if many jumps are solved by one medium can call it that season. and you can remember the seasons.. then can understand your moves as accessories that are make up able from the seasons and.. is a cycle, am not confused, will play it up with this game now it makes me feel well and wanted to share now also okay.

oh actually for an example the jump staleness, it maybe seems just for navigation challenge.. i mean  is there exploration staleness too, and how would solve information challenges.. aha jump is just one move, or an abstract symmetry.. a symmetry across many seasons is an accessory, maybe no clear lead to a medium but could be, such thing..

taking it pretty slow..  oops most of what said unrelated to game atm hopefully someone else comments,

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Sylvie's friends are so cute yet different from me huh olala