Sylvie's world was destroyed again, what will you find in the rubble?

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Tags2D, Cute, Exploration, Female Protagonist, Metroidvania, Minimalist, Pixel Art, secrets, Short, Singleplayer


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metroidbrainias are so rare :0 sad i couldn't complete it, the special jumping segments are just too hard for me

it's ironic that this may be the largest sylvie yet.

I love it! My hands hurts a bit, I think I would have preferred a little more help on the controls (some coyote time, also some move chaining are a bit hard for me) but I'm amazed at how rich and playful the game is, thank you for making it!


This was really cute and fun to puzzle out! I appreciate how there's a hard platforming path to the exit and also a methodical explore-y path that just requires knowledge. I had fun making a nice l'il map!


I really liked the Metroidbrainia aspect to it, everything was always possible but you just didn't know how.

Yeah!!! I love that so much


The lack of checkpoints makes this game frustrating (if they're a secret you learn later it's too late)


would be nice if it allowed wask and arrow keys.
since at a certain point, it becomes tedious to do the flying while still navigating left and right.
using the same hand!

i aint gonna be able or willing to do that.

But maybe Zach from emergency row seat 12C might be actually abkle AND willing to do it...


I really loved learning to use two hands on the arrow keys to navigate. It felt like i was rewiring my brain. thank you sylvie


When I first opened the game screen, I was surprised at how small the screen was!

But when I actually played the game, I was even more surprised by the gimmicks and elements of improved control skills that I could not have imagined from the small screen!

Bunny mofu mofu! Chibi Sylvie is also fluffy!



This rocked! The power to fly was inside Sylvie the whole time!

not sure what to do or where to go.
got the double jump.
after tons of tries, mad it past some hardcore platforming section with the double jump and got the music note.
but no idea where to go now, everywhere likely needs me to have some new power to progress :-/


I created a walkthrough video for anyone who is stuck. You can watch it until you learn something new.

thanks, honestly without the walkthrough I wouldnt have found most of the stuff.

I aint claustrophobic or anything but the limited space makes me overlook obvious stuff way too easy...


what does the secret code do? is there a screen i'm supposed to input it? is it a specific tile somewhere? are there unexplained game mechanics?


hm, i figured out something and beat the game, but i still don't get what the music note does.




More and more people are saying that this is the smallest Sylvie has ever been...


it was at this moment- sylvie learned to [fly]..

minute sylvie world in the cataclysm that it stopped being to contain




Sylvie... You've become so small I can't see you...


delightful <3

all day i was asking "what is this small world?" now i know! :)




the screen says Goodbye.. but is sylvie's story really over..?


it's sad that it was destroyed, but it seems a flower blossoms yet...

Goodbye Sylvie miniature...

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goodbye small world! goodbye bunnys!

sylvie and bunny framed in a red heart