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two and other place

Too another place!


Nice! =^w^)

Thanks! =^._.^=


Small, weird and interesting game. I think that describes it the best.

Took me 12 minutes to solve, but that includes the 90 seconds wait time from the start. So I would say you have met the goal very well for the 10mg collection.

The only thing that I didn't understand was the hearts. Should I be able to collect them? Is there some hidden mechanic?


Thank you for playing, the hearts are simply a mystery which can't be touched.



You are so Soft and Round!


Wowza. Was not expecting this. Certainly difficult to explain the style and gameplay, but I LOVED IT. A++ 

Its the last game I play in my video, starts at 20:20

Thank you for playing and for the fun video.


"huh" is how I'd describe this game, in the best possible way.

Thank you for describing it in the best possible way.